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Social Media Real Estate Lead Generation Methods


o, Start a contest: Garner excitement in your services (and hopefully leads) by starting a contest.

o   Utilize Facebook ads: It’s important to go where the people are, and Facebook is where they’re at. The social media site garners roughly 1.71 billion monthly users, an astounding number even by today’s standards.

o   Recruit brand ambassadors via social media: Whether past clients or brand ambassadors, investors should take full advantage of second-hand applause, especially via social media.

o   Use guest blog: While your audience may not be fully curated, investors can take advantage of guest blogging to get their message across.

o   Publicize customer reviews: If customers enjoy your services enough to leave a positive review, it’s important information for future customers to know about. Tell them.

o   Create a LinkedIn brand page: Whether you want to admit it or not, LinkedIn has become the front-runner for social business. Although it won’t happen overnight, creating a LinkedIn page can assist in gradually building a dominant online presence.

o   Utilize Twitter ads: Similar to Facebook, advertising on Twitter has the power to generate a substantial amount of traffic to your brand. However, like all advertising, it requires an understanding of both your target audience and their behavior.


o   Implement text message marketing: One of the most efficient ways to get in contact with potential leads is via text message.

Run Google Pay-Per-Click Ads :

If you already have a website or landing page setup, you can
simply run Google Ads. Targeting keywords like “home for sale in {your city,
zip code, neighborhood} can be a great way of generating high-quality, ready,
willing, and potentially able buyers.

Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform where you can
potentially discover a qualified lead. In addition, answering peoples’
questions with helpful advice and resources will increase brand awareness and
help position you as an authority in the industry.

Paid Advertising on Facebook

Paid ads on Facebook are a good way to go if you’re looking for quality internet leads. Advertising on Facebook allows you to narrow down your advertising and target a specific audience in a certain location. And if you have a pixel installed on your real estate website, you can use it to create retargeting ads on Facebook.

Start a YouTube Channel

As the second most popular search engine after Google, YouTube
should be a key part of your real estate video marketing strategy. Having a
presence on the platform can get you organic traffic for your real estate
business and increase brand awareness. Create videos answering common
questions, providing advice, and giving area overviews of the different
neighborhoods in your area. 

Advertise on Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger isn’t typically the first place real estate agents think of when considering real estate lead generation ideas. However, this social media platform is a great source for responsive leads. Open rates on Facebook Messenger are much higher than email, and response rates are usually faster. Advertising on Messenger works the same as setting up a regular Facebook ad.