My Story

Hey, this is Rajeshkumar and I am an IT consultant and lead generation expert.  Helping entrepreneurs, freelancers to get lead generation techniques and strategy to grow business. I have worked 8 years in software MNC companies doing the job as a software developer. I quit my job in 2018 and started working as a freelancer. I had a partnership start-up as fabble techword in 2019 worked for 1 year then I shifted to my own freelancing domain as a Digital marketer.

2021 started ‘RCtechgix’ as a start-up in digital marketing and still running it. ‘Digital Lifestyle’ is a mission for me now to help more businessmen, entrepreneurs, novices to grow their business by lead generation tools and technology. I have started a digital platform for training as Lead experts so that many people will get knowledge and build their Digital Lead Multiplier module in their own business.

  • IT consultant and Digital Lead gen. expert.
  • More than 10-years experience in IT industry web development and Support
  • Founder of Digital Lifestyle System
  • 8+ years MNC IT company worked as a software developer
  • 4+ years in Digital marketing, my past company Jeefix, fable techword, freelancer.
  • Started Digital ecosystem module for business owners to automate their business and get maximum leads with Digi-Lifestyle.
  • I have started helping entrepreneurs to use a digital business model to scale up their business. ( by Digi-Lifestyle System)


Feedback & Reviews

Best Platform to get business online and grow your business, got lots of things in DLM module and upscale my own business in the digital domain.

“As a freelancer, I am getting much to upskill and upgrade my clients lead conversion”

Vivek M.


“Online portal and branding were awesome, VGPL previously working on traditional marketing baseline with so much manual work, now the company has own web site with so much automate kinds of stuff which help to optimize operations and increase in leads.”


Real Estate Pune

“What you want to say about your business, get ready to optimize it and get online.  Just Do It …”


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What Can I Do for You?

When I was interacting will clients and understanding marketing strategy,  get realize there is a loophole in the operation of the sale and marketing process. Where so many businesses get failed to gain their customers and achieve lead targets. Sectors like health and wellness, Reality/properties, real estate, Educational area, and more. Salespeople are trying hard to convert leads into profit but at the end of the day, the conclusion proves leads are not authentic. Most of the leads are fake, not exactly match the target audience.

As tech-evangelist I worked and implemented the lead generation module  DLM (Digital Lead Multiplier ) for clients who are looking to get more than 10x leads in their current business. This fills the gap between technology and manual business functionality operations.

I had a good experience with them in form of profit and business operations are more smooth than old ones. This quick digital transformation in the business helps them to get automate the sale process and lead capturing.

Looking forward ‘I like to help maximum people to get their business online with a proven digital ecosystem which will be the biggest reason for success.

DLM (Digital lead multiplier) business module works more than 90% of business sectors to get maximum leads in minimum time than usual traditional digital marketing is not capable to achieve the same result in minimum time. Many Freelancers and freshers are growing their careers with the same module. They got the upskill strategy and providing results to their clients.

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