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Lead Generation Part 1

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Use popups and sign people up for personalized emails. And of course, your content must be valuable. Define your audience and USP (unique selling point) and never email (or better say, never send spam to) people who won’t be interested in your product.

Do email marketing for sure.

Use Lead Magnets

Examples of lead magnets include free:

  • Video tutorials
  • Free trial, a freemium, demo version of your product to try
  • Webinars, as well you can offer to schedule a demo with your Sales Assistant
  • Ebooks, White papers, Pdfs with bonus tips, Freebies
  • A video interview/podcasts with a specialist/professional on a relevant niche or topic

You can make a CTA – “subscribe” on your free materials, so you will have permission to email people and educate them on your business.

Landing Page

The landing pages create the main vision and understanding of your products, capture leads, and warming up potential customers.

Types of landing pages:

  1. Lead gen pages for capturing a user/company’s information in exchange for something.
  2. Click-through landing pages for attracting the visitor to the specific service/product that you are trying to sell. The goal is to educate your visitor with enough information that they proceed to make a purchase.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a process of getting contact information and additional data of persons and companies potentially interested in your product or services.

Lead generation combines two methodologies – acquiring warm leads and sourcing cold leads. Whether you are getting cold or warm leads it is a lead generation process.

Let’s review 3 general lead generation methods.

Method 1 – Inbound Lead Generation.

This method is based on inbound marketing. Basically, the key to success with inbound lead generation is content.

Lead is captured after visiting a page with content that is interesting to him. The sources of such leads can vary – from organic visits from search engines and referral websites to social media traffic, email campaigns, and more.

The content you use for lead generation is the first step of targeting and scoring. If the person fills your lead generation form after viewing your content then you assume this lead is targeted and relevant.

Such leads should be scored and developed afterward, as you usually cannot target your content to a very specific audience. This makes it necessary to filter leads and score them when generated.

This method is great because usually such pieces of content are evergreen and they generate leads on a daily and weekly basis with no additional expenses.

Method 2 – Paid Lead Generation

This method is based on paid marketing campaigns. It is one of the most effective and risky methods at the same time. If you know your perfect buyer persona and your target audience then paid lead generation is a key to massive sales.

You can run paid ads through Facebook, Google Search, ad networks, and many other paid sources that can drive you lots of targeted traffic.

Usually leads are captured on the custom landing pages created specifically for every campaign.

Also, paid lead generation campaigns usually have bigger lead capturing forms for the very simple reason – you paid money for the traffic, and you want your leads to be as targeted and enriched as possible from the very beginning.

This is a great method if you know your perfect target audience, you have a budget to spend, and you have sales resources to process quite a lot of warm leads.

Method 3 – Lead Sourcing

This method is the most simple and still one of the most effective ones. Lead sourcing is generating leads by extracting them manually, semi-manually or automatically from various sources.

This can be done either manually or with the help of different lead generation software and tools.

Anyway, lead sourcing is the best lead generation method to start with – it’s a great chance to test the waters at no cost, and define your lead generation approach.

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